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CATDOLL CiCi Silicone Head


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Meet Cici, the delightful and exquisitely crafted silicone doll that adds a touch of magic and wonder to any collection. Cici is not just any doll; she is a captivating creation, designed with meticulous detail to embody the essence of cuteness and elegance.

Cici stands out with her incredible customizability. You can personalize her with a variety of hairstyles and hair colors, eye colors, and skin tones, allowing you to create a doll that perfectly mirrors your imagination. Picture Cici with golden curls, sparkling green eyes, and a porcelain complexion, or perhaps with silky brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a warm, honeyed skin tone. The endless possibilities ensure that Cici is as unique as your creativity allows.

Crafted from high-quality silicone, Cici offers a lifelike touch and feel that enhances her charm and realism. She is available in sizes ranging from 115 cm to 128 cm, each meticulously designed to capture a perfect balance of beauty and grace. Her delicate facial features and adorable outfits make her an enchanting addition to any collection, inviting endless admiration.

With Cici, you can embrace the joy of customization and the artistry of fine craftsmanship. Let this stunning silicone doll become a cherished companion in your world, bringing boundless joy and inspiration to your playtime and display.


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